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Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a prior client of Pasadena Elite Fitness and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


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“I was a difficult, out of shape client who looked for every reason to quit, until I met Dan and the team at Pasadena Elite Fitness. Dan patiently helped me develop a fitness plan that works for me. With regular exercise, personal coaching and watching my diet, I have lost more than 30 pounds, gained strength and energy.These results, plus seeing Bettis (the gym mascot) wagging his tail, makes me smile every day. Thank you, Pasadena Elite Fitness!”


“I started training with Dan Batz for seven month now. I joined because of couple of issues.

The first main issue is that I wanted to improve my fitness goals, and I needed someone to guide me. Dan helped through training, and great tips to improve my diet.

Every single time I go for a session, I enjoy it more than the time before. Since, each session is a challenge that I have to accomplish. All of the sessions are perfectly customized for me. The joy of training and getting guided by someone is an amazing thing, that you have to do for the sake of yourself.

Ever since I started I considered three very important things.
1- Enjoy your training.
2- Do not stress about the food that you will give up, stress about the fat you want to lose.
3- Think of the long term goals, it takes about four years to get a bachelor degree, therefore, every thing should be accomplished in a smart way.

And trust me in couple of months you will appreciate the fact that you joined Pasadena Elite Fitness.”

A.A. – Dropped 15% Body Fat

“Pasadena Elite Fitness has been my go to training center for the past 6 years. The trainers there have provided me with an individualized nutritional and exercise program that keeps me motivated and energized. I have many patients who dislike going to crowded gyms, and I always recommend Pasadena Elite to meet their more personalized needs.”

Sonia Singla M.D.

“Before coming to Pasadena Elite Fitness I had never lifted weights. Ever. I considered myself in shape; I was on the thin side (good genes), did Pilates and worked in some minor cardio on occasion. But the thought of navigating the weights and crazy looking machines at my gym was intimidating; especially with a gym-rat audience (am I the only one who doesn’t like to look stupid in front of strangers? even if they are wearing hammer pants and weight lifting belts?). 

When I bought a 3 session Groupon that they were offering, I didn’t have any real intention of signing up at the end of it. However, while redeeming that 3 session Groupon, I discovered that I wasn’t in shape at all (I may or may not have come dangerously close to puking during an introductory workout). I also discovered Dan, who is fantastic. He listened to my goals, “I want to gain strength, without looking like a man,” and helped me obtain that through personalized, varied, one-on-one instruction (also through discussing Steeler Football, I really think that helped). Having a trainer has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and helped me realize that I’m capable of more than I thought I was, or what I could do on my own. 

I have been really happy with my experience at Pasadena Elite Fitness and highly recommend either individual sessions, or their small group classes (max. 4 people per class) if you want to make a positive change in your life. I signed up after my Groupon ended, and have been a loyal client ever since* 

*Ok, I had a single act of indiscretion. After I finished the first package of 24 sessions that I bought I thought I could go somewhere else for less money. I tried. I couldn’t. Pay less? Yes. Get the same high-quality level of knowledge and service without being afraid I’d break my back every time some unqualified chick made me do a dead lift? No. I came crawling back to Dan, with an apology for straying in the first place.”

Bonnie C.

“I began with this private studio almost 2 years ago. I needed some serious help getting into shape, but was embarrassed to join a typical gym. Elite Fitness was my perfect match. The trainers are phenomenal, fun and yet tough. Dan Batz is my primary trainer, I adore him and his methods, even though I complain that he’s too tough (I’m just lazy). I’m able to do more now than I ever thought possible. I’m hitting that treadmill and lifting heavier weights, wait…could it be that I’m actually getting fit?! I owe it all to Dan (and Matt, who bailed on us), but if you tell him I said that I’ll deny it and say I was drunk. Honestly, its a great place, very private and clean! If you feel the need to get back into shape, this is definitely the place to go!”


“I was looking for a small gym with scheduled workouts to push me and hold me accountable. This is the place. I’m doing the small group training which is usually 2 – 3 people who are of varying degrees of fitness. The instructor gives plenty of personal attention and is often modifying the workout to meet the abilities of each participant. I have been a member of gyms many times before but my commitment level always waned over time and ended up derailing me from reaching my goals. Not this time. I have really built up my overall strength and conditioning. It’s not cheap, but probably comparable to what many people spend on Starbucks in a month. If you want a big gym with lots of machines this is not this place for you.”

David P.


I’ve been working out at PASADENA ELITE FITNESS since 2010 – nearly 24 months. My experience here has literally been the best ever – ever! I’ve been there HUNDREDS OF TIMES for workouts, cardio sessions, or to drop-by ask a nutritional question, or just to say hey to other clients there who’ve become my friends.

I’ve worked out sporadically for 40 years or more. When compared to other places I’ve worked out, my experience at PASADENA ELITE FITNESS has been terrific. My workouts are extremely beneficial in terms of strength and stamina results, weight control, and have provided me an overall sense of feeling great. At my age, I guess it’s not uncommon to have an occasional tight place in a muscle just from overwork in the yard – but if I’ve ever had such an annoying little issue, I’ve mentioned it to the trainer, and he’s been FLAWLESS in avoiding any stress in the area – perhaps just lightly working on range of motion in that area….but never anything which overly challenged my capability. 

The clients I’ve chatted with when I’m there are a great collection of men and women both older and younger than me. They are friendly and very positive. Their continuation of their physical work there – along with mine is strong testimony to the positive and professional way the staff conducts its business and relates to and works with their clients. Spending as much time as I do on the treadmill or other cardio equipment, I’m aware of the overall atmosphere there, Always a good-hearted conversation, words of encouragement, genuine support all the way around.

Matt was my trainer when I first was there; now, Dan works with me. His professional standards are outstanding; his knowledge is sound; and, experience is substantial. I’ve recommended Pasadena Elite Fitness to several of my friends and will continue to do so.

 I guess part of my success there’s the fact that I don’t think I come there with a lot of negative baggage in the first place. To health”

Mike W.