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If you are someone who feeds off other people’s energy, enjoys encouraging others, and is looking for a new workout routine fitted to your needs- small group classes are meant for you! Small group classes involve all of the same types of exercises as a one-on-one personal training session, but with an exciting atmosphere. The workout is formed in a timed circuit so that all of the members in the class can do each exercise according to their own personal needs.

Each action-packed class is structured with three circuits of seven different exercises, a three minute “surprise workout”, and time for stretching. Our small group classes are centered around cardio and endurance, all at your own pace and intensity level. If you have an injury or problem with a specific exercise, we will modify the exercise just for you, giving you a personalized workout specific to your needs.

One of best things about small group classes are the relationships that you build. Everyone in the class is trying to reach their own fitness goals and it is always helpful when there are others to encourage you. Classmates often become friends that are excited to see each other during class. While fitness is the reason that people come to the classes, it is often the friendships that help classmates stay on their fitness plan.