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PasadenaEliteFitness-SynopsisWhat is Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness?

This type of fitness training is specifically geared toward women in any stage of pregnancy, and women who have recently given birth. Many women choose to workout during their entire pregnancy, and quickly thereafter, and there are many benefits to this!

The physiological changes that occur during pregnancy are dramatic and sometimes uncomfortable. Making sure your body is in the best physical condition possible will help ensure a stress-free pregnancy and delivery. Exercising during pregnancy helps relieve stress, manage healthy weight gain and prepare you for the physical experience of labor. Be sure to discuss your fitness goals with your physician to be sure you and baby are always safe during your prenatal workouts.

Postnatal fitness is important, as well. Your body will experience a lot of stress during both pregnancy and labor, so it’s important to nurture your body thereafter. Your postnatal fitness regimen will help you safely drop baby weight, while keeping your energy levels up!

Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness from Pasadena Elite Fitness

The workouts that we focus on are tailored specifically for each term of your pregnancy. We will work with you to customize a routine that fits your goals, while keeping your physician’s recommendations in mind. Because everything is designed to work for you, we take your unique needs, abilities and comfort into consideration at every turn.

Our workout goals will include building strength and burning calories, and will change each month as your term progresses. Your regimen will include light sculpting to keep muscle tone and joint mobility; leg exercises for knee and ankle health to support the extra weight; exercises to relieve back pain and pressure; and stretching to relieve any and all discomforts associated with your pregnancy.

We also will offer diet advice in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations. Our intention is to give you the tools necessary to support your healthy weight gain, and make sure you feel great.

Our postnatal fitness program is designed as a slow progression back to a firm, lean and strong body. We work with you to set the pace, intensity and frequency to meet your post-baby body goals.

Call our personal trainers today to discuss your unique prenatal and postnatal fitness goals, and keep both mommy and baby happy and healthy!