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Here at Pasadena Elite Fitness your health is our priority. Seeing improvements in someone’s quality of life, making them feel better about themselves, and seeing physical results in strength, endurance, mobility, and weight loss are the most enjoyable parts of our job. We love building relationships with our clients, and always work to maintain the family atmosphere our clients have grown to love.

Upon a new client’s arrival, we will gain a thorough understanding of what hindered them in the past, what their past strategies were, and what their current goals are. This is done in a 60-minute free consultation that will cover your goals, injuries, nutrition, and eating habits. By understanding your past, we can get a comprehensive understanding of your current needs, which helps us to develop a fitness plan specific to you.

Once we have worked out a plan for your fitness and what we can encourage you to reach your goals, we will be with you every step of the way. Our trainers will show you all the proper techniques so that you will get the full benefits from all the exercises. Our trainers will be fully invested in your progress and will ensure that you are pushing yourself and really striving to fulfill your potential.

Let us show you a realistic and attainable approach to weight loss. Contact us today!