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FB-NutritionCounselingWithout the right food and diet plan, your fitness goal may be extremely hard to reach. Here at Pasadena Elite Fitness, we are all about efficiency. Because of this, we have included customized nutritional counseling as part of our personal trainer package. We have found that a personalized exercise routine paired with a customized diet is the most efficient way to reach a fitness goal.

We base our nutritional counseling on accountability and education. After logging your current diet for a week, we will take your current diet and develop a healthier variation. Our plans do not involve crash diets, but instead are healthy and realistically-designed with your goals in mind. We will cater to anyone’s eating preferences, metabolism, body type or training routine.

Nutrition is not about short-term dieting that will only lead to weight gain once you are done with the diet. Nutrition is about making small changes that will make a big difference, and sticking to those changes. This is a long-term solution that is as important if not more than exercise. Our trainers are ready to come alongside you and help you and get you on the best nutrition routine for your body. Call Pasadena Elite Fitness and let us see what we can do for you!